Aaltu Faaltu

2007/SEP – Musings of a Curious Mind (not always sensible, but almost always scintillating, in their own way)

Why I don’t watch Indian Idol religiously now

They make unnecessary fun of one of my favorite singers Udit Narayan on the show. And that too by two of the greatest fools living in Bollywood: Anu Malik and Alisha Chinai. The other day Udit told one of the participants that he was out of sur and Anu jumps back at Udit asking him derogatorily “Udit beta, kaun se sur nahin lage they; jara batana mujhe“. Udit is a simpleton and definitely funny to watch when he comments but that is no way to treat a singer of his calibre and experience.

Watch out Indian Idol – Sonu Nigam had mentioned giving to the talented singers of Bollywood their proper due as one of the goals of Indian Idol. I don’t see you doing this anymore. Three Cheers for SA RE GA MA PA!!!!

MS Word MIRACLE: Makes something out of nothing!

Was doing MS Word spell check on a blog for the Indian Shitizen today when came across this correction suggested by Word.

The article was about lack of development in an Indian village – so the sentence was: So no money means no development, but Word suggests it should be “So no money means any development”. Well, that could be a breakthrough! Imagine no money and yet some development; you know, any development. You won’t be able to tell what development but there will be some; well as long as it comes free of cost, it couldn’t be too bad, eh?


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